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We envision a world where autistic and neurodivergent people live with independence and inclusion, and their caregivers have greater peace of mind. Our mission is to create practical tools that improve everyday experiences and enable neurodivergent people to participate in the world in ways that are meaningful to them.

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Building an 'Inclusion Revolution'

The Spark

The world is a confusing and overwhelming place for everyone. As kids, Nadia Hamilton helped her autistic brother to prepare for and navigate activities, like brushing his teeth, with hand drawn how-to’s.
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Time passed and Nadia became increasingly aware that public spaces, processes, and rules are not accessible because they are not designed with autistic needs in mind. She combined her how-to idea with technology to create MagnusCards: an app supporting access with visual how-to’s, called “Card Decks”, for home and community activities.
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Launch & Growth

Each Card Deck is co-created with businesses, brands, and venues, called “Inclusion Partners“, and the autistic and neurodivergent community. Card Decks are available for free in MagnusCards. Within weeks of launch, Card Decks began to be used by autistic and neurodivergent people to navigate their communities and live more inclusively.
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MagnusCards has helped Inclusion Partners across North America to become accessible for people of all abilities, and people of all abilities use MagnusCards to participate inclusively. We’ve created a movement and our message is clear: everyone deserves to be included and we all play a role in creating an accessible world!

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What began with the love of a sister for her brother has grown into an accessibility movement powered by technology, with a fun character mascot named Magnus (designed by and for the community), transforming home, school, and community life worldwide.

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The Magnusmode Team

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Production Manager

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Technology Team Lead

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Production Assistant

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Production Assistant

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Board-Certified Autism Education Specialist

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Thank you to the organizations and people who have contributed along the way.

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