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Inclusion Partners

Magnusmode Inclusion Partners play a key role in our mission to create an accessible world. Organizations, companies, and venues sponsor the creation of Card Decks in the MagnusCards app to support people of all abilities to navigate their services with greater ease and independence.

Whirlpool Card Decks in the MagnusCards app.

Autism and Neurodivergence in the World

Neurodivergent people in North America
Neurodivergent people worldwide.

Make your products and services welcoming for everyone.

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How it Works

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Card Decks

Each Card Deck is co-created by Inclusion Partners with autistic advisor feedback:

  • We manage Card Deck development from selecting the Card Deck topics to the Task Analysis i.e. “Boarding a Plane at San Francisco Airport” or “Riding New York City Subway”.
  • We help you develop marketing materials, to help you drive awareness and engagement around your Card Decks!
  • Launch the Card Decks, analyze and review feedback to continue driving more accessible customer experiences.

Card Decks are added to the MagnusCards life skills library

Card Decks are organized by Magnus in the Card Deck Library. Magnus is your guide to hundreds of Card Decks waiting to be discovered.

People of all abilities use the Card Decks to support independent and inclusive activity completion, encouraged by Magnus each step of the way!

Woman with Down Syndrome looking at MagnusCards mobile app in her kitchen

Inclusion Partner Activations

Become an Inclusion Partner

[Insert Your Company] Card Decks

  • Custom-branded Card Decks developed with photos, text, and audio specific to your organization. Each Card Deck outlines one aspect of your core service.
  • Custom marketing plan and assets, to help launch and raise awareness of MagnusCards within the neurodivergent communities and the general public.
  • Materials and support for employee awareness-building.
  • Ongoing usage analytics, so you can see the impact and reach of your solution.
MagnusMode Partners Become One As Company Categories
MagnusCards app showcasing instructional Card Decks created in partnership with New Jersey Transit and Toronto Zoo.
Young man looking at his phone in a laundry room setting. He is learning to do laundry using the MagnusCards app.

Inclusion Partner Benefits

  • Engage and personally support customers in underserved markets (Autistic, persons with disabilities, elderly, newcomers and anyone who is not familiar with your services)
  • Gain propriety insights and feedback to shape accessible policies, procedures, experience, and environments
  • Meet accessibility mandates by enabling all customers to access your services
  • Create a more welcoming and inclusive customer experience
  • Demonstrate brand values to the world

Join the Inclusion Revolution