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MagnusCards is an innovative mobile app designed to assist autistic and neurodiverse people to gain independence in activities of daily living via step-by-step guides and positive reinforcement. Each collectible Card Deck combines proven educational methods, visual instruction, personal assistance from Magnus, and realistic scenarios to support inclusive and empowered living. Best of all, it’s FREE for all users!

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How it Works


How it helps:

  • Follow along and re-enact with instructions in real-time, to complete activities with confidence
  • Practice and prepare for activities beforehand, to reduce anxiety
  • Structure and encourage independence in daily routines around the home  (great for caregivers)
  • Support individual and group learning during community outings (great for teachers)

Community Access Partners

Each Card Deck is created in partnership with companies, venues, and non-profit organizations to assist and encourage community participation and life skill development. Check out how Kraft Heinz Card Decks support cooking with confidence:

Meet Magnus

Life skills companion and guide.

Magnus (Mag'nŭs) adj : Great.
Magnus was designed by and for the community to be a revolutionary guide, teacher, and assistant for the autistic and neurodiverse. Find him in the MagnusCards app!


— Our Community Says

"Hi, just wanted to share that I really appreciate you partnering with specific companies and organizations, like Trader Joe's, museums, etc. As an autistic adult who loves to travel but gets easily overwhelmed in busy, unfamiliar spaces, it's really helpful to have a guide to how the space works and what I can expect. Hope to see more locations like that added. It would be super helpful if the location-specific cards on the app also included maps of the space and where key points (e.g., entrance, bathrooms) were located."

Anonymous via web chat

"I follow steps in MagnusCards to get my groceries and use the check-out system, to go through the steps and stay on track."

Bridgette, MagnusCards user

"My son loves MagnusCards! When I saw the CIBC Card Decks, I immediately thought this is what he needs next."

Debbie, a mother of an autistic young adult

"There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone buy-in and begin finding a whole new level of independence…especially when nobody thought they would ever achieve it. It truly bridges the gap between disability and ability. Your product is one of the absolute best I’ve ever seen, and I will definitely be passing it on."

Jason, Personal Agent, Creative Supports Inc.

“I just used the MagnusCards Pearson Airport set. It was INCREDIBLY helpful and changed what would have been a very stressful experience into a super smooth one!”

Nat Geffen, Caregiver

“My daughter has been able to go through her day with different places to go. It’s so incredibly user-friendly. I think for a lot of families, it’s going to be a huge benefit.”

Susan, a mother of an autistic child

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Companies, venues, and non-profit organizations can be more welcoming for autistic and neurodiverse guests, and their families, by becoming a Community Access Partner.

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