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The World with Magnus

Magnus is your personal life skills guide in the Award-winning MagnusCards app. Team up with Magnus for independent and inclusive home and community living.

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The innovative and FREE app presenting digital how-to's for inclusive and independent living.

Each Card Deck is co-created by businesses, brands, and venues, called "Inclusion Partners", and autistic advisors, whose input helps make products and services more inclusive.

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MagnusTeams is the caregiver portal for MagnusCards. It is a web-based tool enabling caregivers to create and customize Card Decks, schedule activities and more. With MagnusTeams, parents, teachers, and other supporters can team up to track progress and offer positive reinforcement from a distance.

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Meet Magnus

Your personal guide to home and community living.

Magnus, the autism life skills guide
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How it Works

Each Card Deck is co-created by Inclusion
Partners with autistic advisor feedback:


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Card Deck Development

We help you with the Card Deck contents and development from selecting the Card Deck topics to the breakdown of Task Analysis i.e. “Boarding a Plane at San Francisco Airport” or “Riding New York City Subway”.


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Awareness in community

Co-create on print, and digital marketing materials to help you drive awareness and engagements in your community.


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A User Feedback Guide

Launch the Card Decks, and analyze and review user feedback to continue driving better user experiences.
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Inclusion Partners

PREVIEW the Card Deck Library

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Getting Started

Step 1

Download the app

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Step 2

Practice at home

There are many Card Decks for home-based activities. For example, you can get started with Card Decks in the 'Food', 'Home Care', or 'Personal Care' categories to familiarize yourself or your loved one/student with how to view Card Decks and re-enact photo, audio, and text instructions.

Step 3

Practice in the community

Use Inclusion Partner Card Decks to explore and navigate activities in your community! You can use Card Decks to prepare for or guide trips to local restaurants, transit, attractions, hospitals, and more. Card Decks are helpful activity priming tools, and an excellent life skills teaching resource to support more independent futures.

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Your personal guide to inclusive living.

Magnus (Mag'nŭs) adj : Great. Magnus was designed by and for the community to be a revolutionary guide, teacher, and assistant for the autistic and neurodivergent. Find him in the MagnusCards app!

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